Cannabis Marketing in Canada: Our Story

Recently I wrote a CDAP Digital Roadmap (essentially the marketing section of a
business plan) for a Cannabis retailer in Ontario and had to research the advertising
guidelines that are put forth not only by each platform but also by Health Canada. I
decided to call upon some people that were considered “cannabis marketers” and asked
them what worked in their experience so that I could verify if my thoughts on the best
marketing tactics were correct. The difference in opinions was wild – and nobody was
able to bring data to the table to verify their take on the marketing platforms that

I decided that there is clearly a void in data driven marketing (e.g. the use of Google
Analytics to determine which marketing platforms drive not only the most traffic but the
most sales!). What if you are spending all your time on Pinterest but it’s really Google
that drives your sales? Would you stop spending time and/or money on Pinterest?
Should you start advertising on Twitter now that they allow cannabis retailers to do so?
The answer, my friend, is Google Analytics.
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