BrightLocal just announced their updated list of local citations for USA, UK, Canada and Australia. I was excited to check it out as there are a few sites that they consider “top citations” that just don’t work – you can’t add your site to these directories for one reason or another.

I was disappointed to see that these sites are still on the list – makes me wonder if they have just re-purposed previous content without updating it? I am not about to compare but if you are in the mood to do so, here are links to the two lists 🙂

2017 Canadian citations

2018 Canadian citations

I guess I have a couple of options moving forward: 1) Hire BrightLocal to build citations to sites that my team has struggled with (see table below) 2) Maybe Tweet BrightLocal if they also are unable to build citations on the listings below and ask them to update their 2018 list accordingly!

aboutus.comDashboard Has Technical Errors
brownbook.netCan’t Claim
canadaspace.comCan’t Register
canpages.caCan’t Register
cdnpages.caCan’t Claim
directorycentral.comCan’t Find Correct Country
find-us-here.comCan’t Claim
foundlocally.comAdding New Listings Is Disabled
ibegin.comCan’t Claim Has Technical Errors
ourbis.caCan’t Claim
phonepages.caAdding New Listings Is Disabled
rateitall.comSite Down
ratemyarea.comSite Down
weblocal.caAdding New Listings Is Disabled
yalwa.caCan’t Claim
zoominfo.comAdding New Listings Is Disabled