Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing

Every year I think about what the upcoming year is likely to hold for SEO and Google Ads. As 2022 came to a close, it was obvious to me that AI will be the hot topic – I have been using various AI tools for years (I used a tool called Amy Ingram (AI) who would take care of scheduling meetings between multiple individuals by having access to their calendars) and they are everywhere now! Here is an overview:

Proposal Writing – on my radar to check out is I may never get there as I have fallen in love with one specific tool (it will have it’s own section below) and can do so many things with it!

Content Creation using

Tools to create images from text (I haven’t used these yet but am curious!)


ChatGPT gets it’s own section as I am in love (when I can get on! The past couple of days the tool has been maxed out with users). You can ask this tool to do absolutely anything (doesn’t mean it will always do so but you can get creative in how you ask) – here are some ideas I’ve read about and/or tried:

Content Creation

ChatGPT can create:

  • Product descriptions
  • Copy for email marketing campaigns
  • Posts for social media
  • Google Ads

Write Google Ads

In writing this article I decided to ask the tool to write ads for two new Google Ads clients I am working with. I was really impressed! Let me back up – the tool did not always want to create ads but it was usually willing to create headlines and then descriptions.

I tried pasting in several URLs and asking it to create responsive ads and it did so. I personally like the ads though they are extremely similar from one URL to another – but to get a campaign up and running quickly, if we combine this output with the brains of the DriveTraffic Team, we get to market faster, which clients would be happy about, and then we can start optimizing the entire account, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, etc.

Other Search Marketing Uses

Aleyda Solisv wrote a fantastic article about using ChatGPT in various SEO tasks – including categorizing keywords by intent!

Tobias Willman wrote about sorting Google Search Console keywords into clusters –

Alex Velinov wrote about using the tool for PPC kw research but this could also be used for SEO kw research.


These flaws apply to all tools – from search engines like Google to smart speakers, etc. Bias, incorrect information, etc. can all be issues. But if one uses the tool for support rather than replacement, these should not be an issue. One of my favourite examples of bias in search engines is how a search for “nurse” images will yield almost exclusively images of women; a search for an image of “heart attack” will yield an image we assume to be of a man, clutching his chest and/or arm – but the symptoms of a heart attack present differently for women, leading to women being misdiagnosed with a greater frequency (source: the book Invisible Women which is an absolutely amazing listen/read).

More User ( I can't stop! )

  • I’m having it create a course outline for GA4 Training (I wasn’t wowed but I am sure the course outline could be modified if I provided additional refinements. Keep in mind that I already have such an outline so could be expecting more than someone else who makes this request).
  • Generate questions to populate FAQs on your website (good for users and good for SEO).
  • My favourite non-marketing request: How to ensure meatloaf stays moist – I received 5+ ideas without having to read multiple websites!
  • Create privacy policies for your website (again, you’ll need to verify the accuracy)

Hot Off the Press – Check for Original Content

This tool is a plagiarism checker and AI detector built for content publishers. Current pricing is $0.01 per credit, 1 credit scans 100 words and it appears as though you can kickstart your account for $20.

Some people may feel that such tools could be important for Google from an SEO perspective but personally if you use AI to help you develop better content than the competition, that should not matter. The key is helpful content that is unique – not who wrote it.

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