So many people attempt AdWords on their own… and usually end up crying when they see how much it cost them and how little they got out of it.

With a few basic tips, you can actually reverse this scenario – have it cost very little and get a lot out of it!

The first error that newbies make is to use broad match for their keywords. “Broad match you say? Google did not ask me how I wanted to match my keywords!”. Correct…. You have to know this and initiate it yourself…

If you were bidding on the phrase “social media” for instance (and why you would bid on such a vague phrase is beyond me but we’ll leave that for another discussion) and you entered it as seen in the image below, you have entered your keyword using Broad Match.



This is what Google has to say about broad match “include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations”. They give the example of your core keyword phrase being women’s hats and a broad match being buy ladies hats.True… ladies and women’s hats mean the same thing

Here is a more realistic version of broad match:

You bid on twitter followers and I search for people on Instagram… While it may be relevant, not necessarily and I don’t think you expected to receive clicks (and therefore incur cost) on such a keyword phrase. I have seen much, much, much worse (e.g. less related) than this!

What to do? Use phrase match…