Boost Credibility and Sales through E-Commerce Website

5 Ways to Boost Credibility and Sales through Your E-Commerce Website

Brand credibility matters to online shoppers; a lot! What this means is that your e-commerce optimization efforts must include a solid trust-building strategy. Winning your customers’ trust is key to driving sales.

Our digital marketing credibility experts share 5 proven ways to get the right results:

  1. Include customer/buyer reviews: Site visitors are more likely to trust the opinion of other shoppers rather than your own company touting its greatness or reliability. The easiest way to generate these reviews is to incentivize your customers into sharing their positive experiences on your site and social media profiles. Studies show that video content can help your online business better connect with consumers along with relevant text and images.
  2. Personalize your ‘About Us’ page: Rather than just outlining your company history and showcasing awards and certifications, include a personalized message from the owner or top management. Having a “Meet Our Team” section helps put customers at ease knowing who is behind the scenes.
  3. Prove that your e-commerce website is secure: Risk-free transactions are key to building customer’s trust. This includes emphasizing your site’s security. Display your SSL certificate or padlock symbols prominently to reassure customers.
  4. Address your customers’ pain points: Shipping rates and returns are two of the biggest concerns for online shoppers. Offering free shipping for purchases above a certain amount and/or providing periodic discounts improves your chances of making sales. Also, be sure to spell out your return policy clearly so that customers know what they will have to do in case they need to ship an item back.
  5. Make it easy for customers to connect with you: In addition to a ‘Contact Us’ page, display your phone number prominently throughout the site. An email address or a web form on every product page will help customers get in touch with you easily. Social media profiles are helpful in connecting with customers and addressing their concerns or queries. Make sure you monitor them regularly to prevent customers from feeling neglected.

Does your e-commerce website promote feelings of trust that inspires customers to do more business with you?  At DriveTraffic, we believe your website should reflect your exceptional products. Attractive and functional web design, optimized content, analytics, social media advertising, and more; we offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions to improve site traffic and conversion rates.  After evaluating your unique business needs, we will create your package accordingly.

We are a leading digital marketing agency in Canada and our experts are ready to assist you in optimizing your e-commerce website. Contact us today for more information.


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