21 Tips for Writing High Converting Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Unique and compelling e-commerce product descriptions are crucial for SEO and conversions. Yet too many e-commerce sites have duplicate, poorly written, or no product descriptions at all. Poor or missing product descriptions also scare away your visitors. They come to your product page with questions in their minds, and if they don’t find the answers, they just go away (without making a purchase).

Tips for Writing Compelling Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Regardless of whether you’re hiring a writer or writing the descriptions yourself, the following tips will help you get the most from your efforts.

Ecommerce Copy Writing for SEO

You may have stunning photos and 3D demos on your product pages, but Google doesn’t rank websites based on optics. That’s why you must use SEO optimized copy if you want to appear/stay among the first page search results.

  1. In most cases, your product name is going to be your main keyword, so you must include it in your page title and meta description.
  2. Keep the title length under 55 characters (including spaces).
  3. The maximum length of meta descriptions is 150 characters.
  4. Use an H1 tag with the product’s name (or keyword).
  5. Use the keyword in your main copy around once per 100 words.

Caution: Do not stuff your descriptions with keywords; this could ruin the user experience.

Ecommerce Copy Writing for UX (User Experience) Optimization

User experience depends on a number of factors including web design and copy writing. Confusing, duplicate or poor quality product descriptions affect your visitors’ confidence in your business and ability. They can abandon your website and buy from your competitor instead.

  1. Keep the visible portion of the description short (75 to 100 words for most products).
  2. Think like your customers and address their biggest concerns first.
  3. Come straight to the point and don’t waste people’s time with preambles.
  4. Focus on user benefits instead of how great your products or services are.
  5. Write short sentences and simple words, words that your customers use.
  6. Don’t just claim your product is the best, but also tell people why it’s the best.
  7. Storify your copy if you have a boring product that needs some dressing up.
  8. Seduce your visitors by using sensory (descriptive) words like crunchy, sweet, stinky, refreshing, soft, rough, sexy, etc.
  9. Use “tabbed” descriptions where it is necessary to write a long description.

Picture 1







Example: Great product copy is often simple.

Ecommerce Copy Writing for Conversion Optimization

The kind of user experience your product page offers will determine how many of your visitors it can convert to buyers. Persuasive copy writing is one of the most effective conversion elements on your page, other than design and price.

15. Studies have shown that bold and simple copy is more effective at selling products than clever or creative copy.

16. Tests have shown that using first person (I, me, my) in call to action (CTA) copy is more effective than using second person (you, your).

17. Use formatting to highlight your key value proposition (benefit).

18. Use bullets or tabs to feature secondary benefits.

19. Use a single call to action and get creative with the CTA copy.

20. Use action verbs that incite action.

21. Present social proof, testimonials, and other trust signals near your CTA.


Good example of high converting ecommerce product page









Example: A good example of high converting product page.

Final Tip: One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to copy writing for e-commerce product. High involvement products may require lengthier copy that is more persuasive. You may need to explain the features and kills the pain points, etc. Impulse products may do well with short and cheeky or bold copy writing.  The only rule is to know your customers and write copy that speaks their language.

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