Recently Google made a change to take away ads on the right side of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) (e.g. the grey boxes). The thought was that with increased usage of mobile, the right hand ads are not seen on mobile devices and Google wants to ensure a consistent experience across all platforms. As part of this decision, Google also increased the number of ads at the top of the SERPs from three to four.

What does this mean for you, especially if you do not buy AdWords? I am using a 1920 x 1080 resolution on a 20″ screen. I do have my font size jacked up a bit but regardless, I can only see TWO ORGANIC LISTINGS ABOVE THE FOLD! This means that your organic traffic may decrease in the coming months as your listings get pushed down the page. If you do purchase AdWords, all the advertisers that had ads on the right (aka position below 3) will be clamoring to be in the top 4 and may be willing to pay more money to do so, thereby increasing your cost per click (cpc).

Did you notice this change? Do you find yourself giving more consideration to ads as they take up more space at the top of the page? It is too soon to see your organic traffic decrease – that may take a month or so before you really see it.

What Can You Do?

Like the stock market, diversify! Don’t put all of your eggs in the organic basket. You could consider Google AdWords, you should be doing social media on a variety of platforms; hopefully you are doing email marketing, and perhaps it is time to include social advertising in your budget! Not sure where to start? Check out what your competitors are doing – always a great place to start 🙂