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The Legal Industry: Challenges and Opportunities
Law offices, from high powered firms to small solo entrepreneur ventures, face steep competition and an increasingly value-conscious customer base. While many lawyers, firm managers, paralegals, and legal assistants know that digital marketing (Google Ads,

Post Secondary Institutions: Industry Challenges
Post-secondary education institutions, including colleges, universities, and trade schools, are often unaware of where their digital marketing efforts are finding success - or falling flat. It can be overwhelming to narrow down which key performance indicators

I love learning...
As a matter of fact, I am self-taught in digital marketing! This did not exist in school when I started to work in the industry. Recently I came across a new app that I love. It is called

I’ve been reflecting on the wonderful contacts I made this past weekend at BlogJam Atlantic, the things I learned and what did the other attendees take away from my presentation?
What I Learned:

I loved hearing from Julie Cole of Mabel’s

As promised, 3 BlogJam attendees have won the opportunity to have their Google Analytics reviewed by Darlene at DriveTraffic Digital Marketing!

They are:

Laura Churchill Duke - curator of family activities in Annapolis Valley, over at Valley Family Fun. 


Mischka Jacobs - Venn

[A Definitive Answer to How Many Words Google Requires for SEO Purposes]
Size matters — but only in certain things, like ice cream cones.
When it comes to word count, however, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Simply put: Longer content, in and

Enhancing site traffic and conversions are the most important goals of any e-commerce business. Our digital marketing experts have created a cheat sheet with simple changes you can make to enhance your ROI. From web design to SEO and social

In addition to regular Adwords advertising, DriveTraffic also specializes in running conversion-optimized Google Grants free advertising campaigns for nonprofits. Google offers free Adwords advertising of up to $10K per month to registered charities in Canada. We can help you make

I really hate when a writer asks me this. Especially someone that professes to be an SEO Writer!

Why? Because for years Google has been saying to create content that meets the readers needs - they have not been saying to create

Monday, May 30th, 2016

During the webinar you’ll learn these Google Analytics Ninja Secrets:

Understanding the two major types of Google Analytics reports.
Traffic Acquisition – Find out which channels send the most traffic to your website.
Traffic Quality – Which channels are spamming

Voice based queries are on the increase. Those queries tend to be longer (longer tail is the industry slang). Coincidentally Google is rewarding (e.g. providing greater visibility) to sites that have the best content. Best content is considered that which

Recently Google made a change to take away ads on the right side of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) (e.g. the grey boxes). The thought was that with increased usage of mobile, the right hand ads are not seen on mobile

A 5-minute Screaming Frog H Tag Analysis
Heading <h*> tags do matter for your SEO rankings. Placing keywords in your H1 and H2 tags and making your headlines creative and compelling are the two things you need to check your H

Monday January 18th, 2016
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM (EST)
80 Aberdeen St., Suite 100
Ottawa, Ontario
This course will introduce you to SEO and the tools and techniques required to understand how your website is visible to search engines such as Google.

Periscope seems to be the latest social media craze! More and more people are getting on it! If you are not familiar with this tool, it is owned by Twitter and is typically used by mobile devices. If you'd like to

Update: Ross from reached out to share a list of negative keywords that he has curated. This list is available on his blog or can be downloaded if you share your email address (which then puts you on the

You got scared off of broad match so you are wondering why you should consider modified broad match? It is much less scary but is the way that I use it is really about the same as phrase match therefore

Exact match is the most specific of all of the match types. It is referenced by square brackets around your target phrase and can be used for specific reasons:

All you have to do is surround each of your existing keywords with quotation marks and voila! You have phrase match.

Phrase match simply means that a user’s query (or what they are searching for) must include the phrase you are

So many people attempt AdWords on their own… and usually end up crying when they see how much it cost them and how little they got out of it.

With a few basic tips, you can actually reverse this scenario –

Today I received a fantastic newsletter from the Ottawa Public Library that showcases books on business networking prepared by OPL Business Librarians. Also included are useful tips about networking.

Check out the Ottawa Business Services multiple lists or their list of business

I have been telling customers this for years - being #1 for "Ottawa plumber" is far from the only way that you will get traffic (and business) on the web! As mentioned in the post, Why You Should Not Google

Google is testing (or apparently has been for some time) a new layout on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) that looks like the previous "local pack" (usually 7 local listings plotted on a map) but this time it is

You have a business. You have a website. That site serves as the face of your business for people looking for the services you provide. Seems simple enough, right? Well, not so fast. Let’s look inside the thoughts of that